Speech-Language-Hearing clinic promotes early detection

identify the signs

identify the signsThe public’s lack of awareness is the No. 1 barrier to early detection of communication disorders, and NAU’s Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic is promoting the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s nationwide multimedia campaign—“Identify the Signs”—to raise awareness.

“Far too many people suffer from communication disorders,” said Anna Sosa, assistant professor in Communication Sciences and Disorders. “The NAU Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic is committed to helping people identify the first signs of communication disorders so they can seek professional help immediately. We believe the Identify the Signs campaign is a great way to achieve that.”

ASHA launched the campaign to raise awareness of the early warning signs of speech, language and hearing issues.

For information email the NAU Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic, or call (928) 523-8110.