Enrollment open for NAU’s 12-week software development training

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To help employers’ meet the growing demand for skilled software developers, Northern Arizona University and national programming boot camp Coder Camps are partnering to teach students full-stack software development in 12 weeks. Powered by Coder Camps’ new modular curriculum, the classes will be available through NAU in support of its mission to serve critical workforce needs through creative public and private partnerships. Classes start May 29, and enrollment is now open.

According to a 2016 study by job search site Indeed, software developers are among the toughest tech jobs to fill. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts these jobs will grow 17 percent by 2024—a much more rapid rate than other professions—with 1.4 million more software jobs than applicants by 2020.

“The Coder Camp curriculum provides a direct path for students seeking a career in the software development field,” NAU President Rita Cheng said.  “We are committed to expanding the boundaries of knowledge to prepare students for the expectations of today’s employers and the technologies they need the most.”

To help hiring managers address the tech talent shortage, universities throughout the United States are increasingly partnering with boot camps to offer students cutting-edge professional training. NAU chose Coder Camps because of the school’s forward-thinking approach to high-tech education.

“We are excited and proud to partner with NAU to help fill today’s tech talent employment gap,” said Chris Coleman, chief operating officer of Coder Camps.  “The number of developer jobs continues to grow rapidly, and our partnership with NAU provides students with an accelerated alternative.”

Coder Camps’ full-stack web development curriculum focuses on important foundational concepts and encourages student choice in the tools they use in the course. While one student may learn using JavaScript, another can use .NET or Ruby.

The curriculum offers multiple pathways that map to individual student goals. While the core components remain the focus of the program, students can explore and choose between different programming languages while they learn. This flexibility allows Coder Camps to customize the education to meet the technologies in demand for a region. Through the Coder for Life program, graduates can learn other programming languages at no additional cost.

Full-stack web development, available online or in-person, is a 12-week program for full-time Coder Camp students and a 24-week program for part-time Coder Camp students. Students enroll in the program through NAU’s website, and in-person classes are held at the Coder Camps campus in Scottsdale. The cost includes lifetime access to continuous education and career services for all graduates.

Coder Camps is licensed by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education and by the Texas Workforce Commission.

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