Snowed in? Tune in for NAU information

It’s snowing outside, and you’re wondering if you have to go to work.

Well, probably.

NAU seldom closes campus operations. With nearly half of our undergraduate Flagstaff students living on campus, NAU works at staying open to ensure our students get the education they deserve.

Snow closure decisions begin with the NAU Police Department and Capital Assets and Services. When snow and ice become a concern, the two departments analyze Department of Public Safety highway information, study the road conditions on and around campus, and review the weather forecast. NAUPD and Capital Assets then make a recommendation to Kathe Shinham, vice president for Administration and Finance, on NAU’s ability to conduct normal campus operations.

After consulting with campus leadership, the president makes the final decision.

The university has three choices: open for normal business, cancel classes, or cancel all campus operations except for essential services on the Flagstaff campus.

The decision is generally made by 6 a.m. with the decision on canceling evening classes, a more common occurrence, made between 3 and 4 p.m.

It’s at this point that students, faculty and staff are notified through local media, e-mail, the NAU home page, the portal and the NAU Now phone line at 523-0007.

Students who feel unsafe driving to class should contact their instructors to determine how to make up classroom assignments. Employees should contact their supervisors or follow normal departmental procedures.

NAU’s snow closure policy can be found online.