Six different ways to place your textbook order


Although the fall semester is in full swing, the upcoming winter 2010-11 and spring 2011 terms are approaching. The NAU Bookstore is eager to get a head start on receiving and placing your textbook and supply orders. The due date for upcoming Winter and Spring book orders is Oct.15.

Faculty can submit orders using one of the following methods:

1. E-mail class and book information to
2. Complete the order form and e-mail it back to the bookstore
3. Send the order form via campus mail to P.O. Box 6044
4. Call the bookstore at (928) 523-6671 or -6672 with your order
5. Visit the bookstore’s text department in person
6. Use eDoption, the online book adoption process on—the initial set-up password is 1008

To create a Coursepacket in print or digital form, call the NAU Bookstore at (928) 523-6670.