Share well wishes with President Haeger

Northern Arizona University is a place so familiar to all of us and yet so different than it was 13 years ago. A remarkable evolution over that time span transformed the physical campus, our approach to academics and athletics, accessibility to higher education—little has remained untouched. Today, NAU stands as a model for how a thriving public university should look and operate in the 21st century.

Taking a moment to reflect reminds us that NAU is ideally positioned to move forward. Transformative change, through all its excitement and challenges, has set us on a long course of student-focused success and research excellence. We are here because of vision, commitment and hard work—driven by a visionary leader, President John Haeger. 

Faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends of NAU are invited to contribute well wishes for the president and his wife, Cecily, in the comment section below.