Road repairs on University Drive to temporarily reroute car, bus traffic


A project that will repair asphalt along University Drive will reroute traffic during the month of July.

The repairs begin Monday, July 1, and will be limited to a section of University Drive between Reilly and Wilson Halls; however, the roadwork will cause east/west through traffic to use alternative routes. Eastbound drivers may use McConnell Drive as an alternative, while westbound traffic can either use Dupont Avenue on north campus or Pine Knoll Drive on south campus. Campus maps are online. Detour signage will be in place to assist drivers.

Mountain Link Route 10 also will be rerouted during the project, taking buses to and from McConnell Drive via San Francisco Street and Pine Knoll Drive. Closures and temporary stops include:

  • Stops 5 (Wilson) and 16 (Reilly) will be closed and riders are advised to use stops 4 (Gillenwater) and 17 (NAU Bookstore) as alternatives.
  • Stops 6 and 15 (Campus Heights) will be closed and riders are advised to use stops 7 and 14 (SBS) as alternatives.
  • Mountain Link buses will stop at the following NAU bus stops on Pine Knoll Drive on the inbound and outbound during the reroute:
    • Rolle Activity Center
    • Huffer Lane at the South Recreation Fields
    • Commuter lot P62
  • Inbound and outbound stops 7 and 14 (SBS) will be serviced on the back side of the shelter.

For the latest on all Mountain Line route status details, follow Mountain Line on Twitter or Facebook. Real-time arrival information for all routes can be found at

Repairs are expected to be complete with normal campus traffic patterns resuming by Aug. 1.