Riordan restored to two-way traffic

Riordan Ranch Road has been restored to two-way traffic after several days of one-way traffic.

The lanes are have been narrowed by Capital Assets and Services, and drivers are asked to remain alert when traveling in this area of campus. The contractor is using a crane to raise vats of concrete to the upper decks of the parking deck construction, and deliveries by concrete trucks will continue throughout the project.

The speed limit on Riordan Ranch Road is 15 miles per hour, and drivers are asked to exercise extreme caution driving in this area.

The traffic flow is anticipated to remain two way until the bridge connecting the parking deck to Ardrey Auditorium is ready to be installed later this summer. Area signage and a campus alert will advise the campus of bridge construction.

Questions can be directed to VJ Gohkale, project manager, at (928) 523-4227 during normal business hours.