Regents approve NAU’s 2010-11 tuition and fee plan

Northern Arizona University’s tuition and mandatory fee plan for academic year 2010-11 was approved today by the Arizona Board of Regents.

During its meeting in Tucson, the regents approved President John Haeger’s plan that allows 50 percent of Flagstaff full-time undergraduates to maintain their current tuition rate and pay only $167 in additional fees.

“Our plan allows for absolute predictability for students and parents,” Haeger said. “We give students a powerful reason to graduate in four years, because the best way to save money on tuition is to graduate.”

Incoming in-state students to the Flagstaff campus will pay $7,667 in tuition and fees in 2010-11. The tuition will be guaranteed for eight semesters. Students at NAU Extended Campuses and at the Yuma branch campus will pay $6,131. The students entering the inaugural cohort at NAU-Yavapai will pay $4,500.

“Raising tuition is always a difficult decision—especially in today’s current fiscal climate,” said ABOR President Ernest Calderón. “However, in the midst of a statewide shortfall and after having to layoff over 2,000 employees, we must keep our universities strong so our students can receive a quality education.”

For a complete list of NAU’s tuition and fees, click here.

Haeger explained that it is NAU’s intention to examine tuition at all its campuses. “We have to rethink delivery methods,” he said, referring particularly to the new NAU-Yavapai campus. “It is part of system architecture to provide choices. We have 7,000 students paying less than at the main campus. Students and their families can opt for other methods of obtaining a baccalaureate.”

The vote on NAU’s tuition plan passed 8-1 with Regent Anne Mariucci voting against NAU’s proposal because of the uncertainty of the economy.

“Guaranteed predictability is a wonderful, wonderful, noble thing when the environment in which you operate is guaranteed and predictable,” Mariucci said. “We live in a completely uncertain world. For us to tie hands is not a prudent governance principle we can afford right now.”

Regent Dennis DeConcini thanked Haeger for “standing by” the predictability model.

Also during the morning session, the regents approved tuition and fee plans from Arizona State University and the University of Arizona.
The meeting featured several references to budget cuts made by the Arizona Legislature and the subsequent changes made by the universities, including program changes, layoffs and furloughs, all while accepting more students.

Haeger told the regents that NAU is operating with a $30 million cut to its budget, with 200 fewer faculty and staff and 2,000 additional students.

“We are slowly watching the erosion of what ‘public university’ means,” said Regent Fred DuVal.

In the afternoon session, regents passed 7-2 NAU’s proposed program fees for areas that cost more to deliver. Four undergraduate programs will have fees, including construction management, nursing, dental hygiene and business. These fees will apply to students who have attained at least junior status.

A new fee has been established for the master of science in nursing, and fees will be increased for the doctor physical therapy and the master’s of business administration. Click here for fee details.

Additionally, the regents approved 2010-11 residence hall and meal plan rates on an 8-1 vote. NAU residence hall rates will increase by an average of 3.67 percent for single student housing and .44 percent for family apartments. Meal plan rates will be set 4 percent higher than the rates for new students in fall 2009.

Calderón commended NAU Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs David Bousquet for reducing the housing rate for larger family housing apartments in response to declining market rates.