Recycling update—separate recyclables from waste

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Efforts are under way to improve recycling collection rates on campus.

NAU’s Office of Sustainability and the Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research are spearheading efforts with building managers and custodians to label recycling containers and trash-only bins throughout campus offices.

A new “co-mingling” policy affects how to dispose of waste on campus. Co-mingling refers to placing mixed recyclable items in one container—for example, paper and aluminum—while using a different container to dispose of wet and food wastes. When trash contaminates bags of recyclables it all is sent to the landfill.

Those in academic and administrative buildings will find trash bins under desks labeled with a green decal for recycling only. These bins should be used for paper, cans, cardboard and numbered plastic containers. Trash bins in hallways, common spaces and restrooms will be labeled with a brown decal for landfill waste, such as food, plastic foam and coffee cups.

Recycling practices vary slightly depending on where you are on campus. See site-specific information for recycling in Residence Halls and Dining Halls.

See for details and copies of the new flyers and program updates.