More than 100 NAU faculty, staff honored at annual Professional Achievement Ceremony

Northern Arizona University celebrated the awards of faculty and staff at the 19th annual Professional Achievement Ceremony on Tuesday. Individuals across all colleges were honored under each award category, as were faculty who received tenure or promotion. The ceremony was streamed on the NAU Social YouTube channel.

The following individuals were this year’s honorees.

College Teachers of the Year

  • Juliana Suby, College of Arts and Letters
  • Dian Squire, College of Education
  • Agnes Drogi, College of Engineering, Informatics, and Applied Sciences
  • Adrien Gupton, College of Health and Human Services
  • Courtney Carver, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Adonna Rometo, College of Environment, Forestry, and Natural Sciences
  • Randolf Martin, NAU Yuma
  • Scott Hoefle, W. A. Franke College of Business

President’s Distinguished Teaching Fellows

  • Sara Abercrombie, COE
  • Dana Ernst, CEFNS

Regents’ professors

  • Scott Goetz, CEIAS
  • Jani Ingram, CEFNS
  • Miguel José Yacamán, CEIAS
  • Björn Krondorfer, CAL
  • Yiqi Luo, CEFNS
  • Michelle Mack, CEFNS
  • Ted Schuur, CEFNS

Teaching Awards

  • Eylin Palamaro-Munsell, Excellence in Global Learning
  • Benning Tieke, Excellence in Global Learning
  • Laura Gray-Rosendale, Excellence in Online Teaching
  • Ann Huffman, Excellence in Undergraduate Inquiry & Creativity
  • Okim Kang, President’s Award for Faculty and Academic Professionals
  •  Sigmund Boloz, President’s Award for Faculty and Academic Professionals
  • Pam Stephens, President’s Award for Faculty and Academic Professionals
  • Amy Hughes, President’s Award for Faculty and Academic Professionals

Research and Creative Activity Awards

  • Annika Gustafsson, Most Promising Graduate Student Research Scholar
  • Cymelle Edwards, Most Promising Graduate Student Artistic/Creative Scholar
  • Janine Schipper, Graduate Research Mentorship
  • Jennifer Blaney, Most Promising New Research Scholar
  • Lisa Hardy, Most Significant Research/Scholarly Work
  • Nicole Walker, Graduate Artistic/Creative Work Mentorship
  • The Parched Project (Debra Edgerton, Jane Marks, Josh Biggs, Neal Galloway, Peter Friederici), Most Significant Artistic/Creative Work
  • Zachary Lerner, Most Significant Innovation in Technology Transfer or Commercialization

President’s Achievement Awards

  • Kerry Bennett, University Marketing
  • Carol Bolden, Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
  • Hilda Chairez, Facility Services
  • Bradley Miner, Comptroller’s Office
  • Kegan Remington, Information Technology Services (ITS)
  • Sandra Smith, Campus Health Services
  • Stephanie Smith, Advancement | Foundation
  • Boshi Wang, University Advising
  • Holly Wheeler, Center for International Education
  • Arianne Yago, ITS