President Cheng issues statement regarding Executive Order on Immigration


Office of the PresidentNorthern Arizona University is fortunate to have engaged international students and faculty, both on our campuses and abroad. Our international relationships enhance the exploration of ideas, diversity of opinion and students’ understanding of and participation in the global economy. The NAU community, like those throughout the nation, is better because of our ability to participate on an international level.

We understand and are committed to the protection of our national security and believe a strong and effective visa process will support economic competitiveness and prosperity. We encourage the adoption of policy initiatives that allow NAU to educate and collaborate with students and faculty in Arizona and throughout the world.

While we are still working to determine any impacts to our current student population, our ability to recruit students to NAU and our overall international engagement strategy, we are committed to fostering inclusive communities where individuals are valued, safe and heard. NAU will work with community colleges and universities throughout the country to promote federal policies that enhance our mission to produce innovative research and serve students.

Staff in the Center for International Education will continue to monitor the situation and provide counseling to our students on immigration-related concerns.

NAU Communications