Stay vigilant, be diligent: How to protect yourself from phishing attacks

phishing graphic

Universities are experiencing an increase in phishing attacks. Northern Arizona University ITS encourages the Lumberjack community to be diligent about protecting their NAU user credentials and personal information. Below are reminders and tips to help keep your information safe.

  • Never give your NAU password over the phone or in person.
  • Add an additional layer of security to your NAU accounts with Two-Step Verification.
  • Be skeptical of requests asking for personal information.
  • Do not fall for scams that may include purchasing gift cards for others.
  • Remember NAU will not ask for your credentials over email or over the phone.
  • Report any suspicious emails.
  • View security tips below for added protection.


10 security tips infographic for phishing attacks


Report potential phishing emails to the NAU Phish Report Application or call the Solution Center at (928) 523-1511 with any concerns or questions.