Pervious concrete fails, ARD lot receiving asphalt replacement

The pervious concrete that was part of the construction of the Applied Research and Development building has failed, forcing NAU to use asphalt to replace it for at least the near future.

When the ARD building opened in 2007, it featured an experimental use of pervious concrete—the first in the state. However, the material failed—and became dangerous—in Flagstaff’s freeze-and-thaw climate.

“The concrete deteriorated to such a condition as to make the parking lot unsafe,” said Jennus Burton, vice president for Finance and Administration. He said there were several reports of “tripping hazards and twisted ankles, especially during the winter months.”

The company that installed the parking lot has gone bankrupt, and so far NAU has been unable to find pervious material that is acceptable.

President John Haeger has asked Burton to establish a committee to investigate other paving materials for the Flagstaff campus. NAU staff and faculty who are interested in participating may email

The ARD building will retain its LEED Platinum certification. Additionally, the Foundation building behind the central campus parking garage and the new on-campus residence halls are being constructed to LEED Silver standards.