Parking Services adds options

Parking Lot 1 on north campus is scheduled to close Aug. 1 when construction begins on the NAU hotel-conference center complex, and Parking Services is introducing some new options for drivers looking to avoid the parking changes.

Permits are now available online and include two new choices:

  • Park ‘n’ Ride: A reduced fee pass of $81 per year will be available to north campus employees. It allows the pass holder to park in lot P66 (Skydome) and ride an express van/shuttle non-stop to north campus starting at 7 a.m. The pass is not valid in any other lot during business hours or in conjunction with disabled-access permits.


  • Carpool: A carpool permit allows two or more faculty or staff members to travel together and each pay a discounted fee of $81 per year. A reserved carpool parking stall will be located in an employee or commuter lot, whichever is more convenient. All carpool participants are automatically enrolled in the “Guaranteed Ride Home” program, providing a safety net for emergency situations. To allow for situations when individuals must drive their personal vehicles outside of the carpool, three free daily permits per academic year will be provided to each participant.

Another new program is NAU’s free door-to-door “taxi” service for work-related meetings on campus. A ride will be available to employees with 20-minute notice to Parking Services.

For details about these and other parking options, visit