Beautifying NAU: Parking lot and street repairs this summer

Throughout the summer, construction will take place across different locations on campus to improve the condition of streets, parking lots and garages in preparation to welcome back the Lumberjack community this fall. These repairs mean that there will be partial closures of parking lots and garages, with alternative parking locations available, on designated dates. Delays in street traffic are expected as construction segments will be reduced to single-lane use.  

Street repairs  

All street repairs are scheduled to occur June 5-14.  

Repairs will begin at the intersection of Pine Knoll Drive and San Francisco Street moving west on south campus to intersect with McConnell Drive. Repairs will then move north on San Francisco Street to intersect with University Drive. 

These repairs will consist of the laying of Mastic, a trowel grade crack filler designed for repairs in asphalt and concrete. As of now, there are no full street closures scheduled or anticipated. Do plan accordingly to manage traffic delays because of one-lane traffic during the above dates.   

Parking garage repairs 

Work is scheduled to begin June 12 and expected to conclude by the end of July on San Francisco, Mountain View and Knoles garages.  

Due to scheduled events on campus, work on San Francisco garage WILL NOT take place during the month of June. Please expect maintenance and repair activities at Mountain View and Knoles Parking Garages during this time. 

Parking lot repairs 

Parking lot repairs will begin near the finalizing of street repairs on June 9 and continue through July 19. 

These repairs will be more intensive, consisting of pothole repairs, demo, pavement and concrete replacement, milling and more. Partial lot closures will take place on scheduled repair days. Alternative parking locations will be available on scheduled striping days.  

Parking lot repair schedule 

  • June 9 – Lot P1B – Partial lot closure 
  • June 12 – Lot P32B – Partial lot closure 
  • June 14 – P62A – Partial Lot Closure 
  • June 15 – P16A-P69 – Partial Lot Closure 
  • June 16-19 – P66 – Partial Lot Closure 
  • June 20 – P66-P69 – Partial Lot Closure 
  • June 21 – P69 – Partial Lot Closure 
  • June 22 – DuBois North – Partial Lot Closure 
  • June 23 – DuBois North-P64 – Partial Lot Closure 
  • June 26 – P33-DuBois North – Partial Lot Closure 
  • June 27 – DuBois North-P16A – Partial Lot Closure 
  • June 28 – 16A-P13 – Partial Lot Closure 
  • June 29-30 – P13 – Partial Lot Closure 
  • July 5 – P1A – Partial Lot Closure 
  • July 6 – P1A-P1C – Partial Lot Closure 
  • July 7, 10-11 – P1C – Partial Lot Closure 
  • July 12-13 – P62A-P64 – Partial Lot Closure*  
  • July 14 – P62A – Partial Lot Closure* 
  • July 17 – P64 – Partial Lot Closure* 
  • July 18 – P62A – Partial Lot Closure* 
  • July 19 – P64 – Partial Lot Closure* 

* P62A-P64 both to remain partially closed continuously July 12-19 

Striping schedule (with alternative parking locations):

JUNE 5 HLC ADA partial P7A HLC 
 P12 P11, P19, P10 
JUNE 6 P5 Dupont, 2B 
 P2 P1b, P6 
JUNE 7 P19 P11, P12 
 P10 P11, P12, P9 
JUNE 8 P27 ADA partial P31, P33, 16a 
 P7a P1b, P6, P19 
JUNE 12 P11 P12, P6, P19 
 P16 P16a, P8, P9, P13 
 P17       P16a, P8, P9, P13  
 P4 P5, Knoles, P3  
JUNE 14 P3        P8, P13a, Knoles  
 Dupont P3, P5 
 P1b P2, P1C 
JUNE 15 P28E P19 
 P13c P13, P13a, 13d 
JUNE 20 P28 partial P28 
 P8 P3, P5 
JUNE 21 15A P13, P13D 
 P2B Dupont, P5 
 Humphreys P1B, P2 
JUNE 26 P9 P16, P11, P12 
 P28d P7a 
 P29b P29 
JULY 3 P13a P13 
JULY 5 P13 partial P13, P13b 
JULY 6 P6 P7a, P1B 
JULY 13 P1a P2, P1B 
 P16a P31 
JULY 17 P13 partial P13, P13b 
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