NAU community invited to webinar to learn about jobs created through OGEI

Oct. 24, 2019

NAU is looking for a group of people who want to be part of creating a better way of delivering financial and human resource services to campus. It is a chance to be creative and innovative.

The 12 new positions—eight in financial administration and four in human resources—will initially provide financial and human resources services to the College of Health and Human Services, Franke College of Business and the College of Engineering, Informatics, and Applied Sciences. This model is a result of structural changes recommended by the Organizational Growth and Effectiveness Initiative, a yearlong project to determine the most effective and efficient ways to streamline these types of services across campus.

The OGEI Project Team is hosting a webinar on Oct. 30 to answer questions and talk about the prototype positions; HR associate director Cathy Speirs and manager, financial administration Kate Florman, who will be the managers of this first service team, will discuss the newly created positions and the tasks these employees will take on.

They’re exciting positions with all the benefits that come with being an NAU employee and are full-time, permanent staff positions, not short-term contracts.

“As the first service team, those hired into these positions will have the opportunity to shape the way service is provided in all of the service teams,” Speirs said. “Working on this project could be the sort of career-building experience that someone looks back on as a highlight—something that provided an opportunity to grow into a long-term career in HR or finance.”

This round of hires will make up the first of the service teams; Florman said they anticipate two to four more teams as the need grows. Working on these service teams will offer the opportunity to deepen knowledge, skills and abilities in HR and finance while helping to streamline processes and build strong service-oriented relationships with faculty and staff.

“We are looking for enthusiastic change agents—people who have creative ideas and solutions to the HR and financial administration work that we do on a day-to-day basis,” Florman said. “We need people who want to be a part of a team that will have a significant impact on the work culture here at NAU.”

Interested? Learn more by attending the webinar. A link to the webinar will be sent to the campus community. Speirs and Florman will discuss the impact these roles will have on other related positions; how they will impact the work of generalist administrative support functions in departments; and the OGEI’s project team vision of how these service teams will serve the needs of the university.

To learn more about the position requirements or to apply, visit the Careers @ NAU webpage.

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