Office Communicator to provide secure instant messaging and more

Office Communicator, a more secure instant messaging, voice and video conferencing system for Windows and Macintosh computers, will be rolled out to faculty and staff computers on Tuesday, July 21.

Instant messages sent via Office Communicator will be contained within NAU’s secure environment. Now that the Office Communicator instant messaging capability is available, ITS strongly discourages the use of outside instant messaging services for NAU related business.

LiveMeeting is an online tool that allows presentations and audio and video conferences. While this tool will be made available to all NAU employees, it is limited in capability and ITS recommends requesting a consultation to help determine whether it will suit your needs. LiveMeeting will not replace Elluminate for courses this fall.

Windows users will receive the Office Communicator and LiveMeeting console and Outlook add-ins to their computers via automatic updates. Mac users will be able to download and install the Office Communicator software from the ITS software downloads page.

Training information, quick reference guides and more may be found on the Learning and Professional Development team’s web site.

Watch your e-mail on July 20 for more details.