Nominations sought for Distinguished Teaching Fellows

NAU President John Haeger and Provost Liz Grobsmith are seeking nominations for the President’s Distinguished Teaching Fellows.

The award targets teaching scholars whose student-related activities represent the highest levels of excellence and who make a significant impact on undergraduate learning at NAU. Their records of scholarly and creative activity demonstrate a reciprocal relationship with teaching.

Haeger said that by honoring the top echelon of faculty who demonstrate excellence and leadership in teaching, NAU recognizes the distinctive quality of their contributions to NAU’s mission.

“NAU is known for its commitment to teaching,” he said. “The fellows award continues that tradition and builds new avenues for the impact of such leadership. Our first group of fellows—Jeff Berglund, Geeta Chowdhry and Brandon Cruickshank—clearly embody this tradition of excellence.”

President’s Distinguished Teaching Fellow Award recipients are appointed for three years and may reapply. For each of the three years, they receive a $5,000 stipend and a $5,000 professional development fund. In addition, they will be able to teach a “dream course” once during their three-year appointment.

“There is great benefit to the campus in the recognition of our outstanding teachers,” Grobsmith said. “We hold them in the highest regard, and the fellows inspire us with their classroom leadership.”

The President’s Distinguished Teaching Fellows also will be Leadership Board members of the NAU Teaching Academy. The academy was created last year to recognize, support and reward effective teaching. Each year faculty who receive their college teacher of the year awards are invited to serve three-year terms on the Teaching Academy.

The deadline for the President’s Distinguished Teaching Fellow nominations is Dec. 1. For information, visit the Office of the Provost’s web site.