New voicemail system starts Monday

NAU’s new voicemail system goes into effect at 5 p.m. Monday, June 15, when unanswered calls will be forwarded to the new system.

The current voicemail system is 15 years old and no longer supported by the vendor.

Greetings and saved messages in the existing system cannot be transferred to the new voicemail system, so users are encouraged to access and record saved messages onto a personal recording device.

The new system will have the same access number, (928) 523-6225.

Your name will be synthetically spoken in the greeting on the new system until you access the system and record a personal greeting. The first time you access the new system a tutorial will guide you through the setup of your new voice mailbox.

Instruction guides and reference materials are available at

A training video soon will be included on this site for a new web interface called Communité Web Access. The web site allows users to manage their voice mailbox similar to an e-mail inbox.

Your username for web access will be your mailbox number, and your password will be your voicemail password. You can call (928) 523-7474 for assistance.

Check your existing voice mailbox near the end of the day on June 15 to retrieve messages. If you are unable to, the existing system will be retained to retrieve messages and can be accessed by dialing (928) 523-0144.

The new voicemail system is unrelated to the Microsoft Unified Communications project, an experiment with 100 campus volunteers using their computers as a phone. There are no plans to remove desk phones.