New voicemail system for NAU

The ITS Telecommunications group is planning to replace the existing voicemail system with an improved system this summer.

The current voicemail system has been in place for more than 15 years and is no longer supported by the manufacturer. Recordings such as greetings and saved messages can’t be transferred from the existing system to the new system because of changes in technology. Voicemail subscribers who wish to retain saved messages beyond the conversion will have to record them on a personal recording device.

The new system, manufactured by Interactive Intelligence, will have a similar telephone interface to manage the mailbox, but also will include a web browser interface allowing users to:

  • view a list of voicemails showing the originating phone number if available, length and date/time received
  • play, reply, forward and delete voicemails or return the call
  • implement rules that allow all or specific calls to be routed to another phone number and then returned to voicemail if the call isn’t answered
  • control message notification options via pager, e-mail or phone call
  • create personal contacts and groups
  • send broadcast messages to groups of addresses
  • control and view presence management (“available” and “out of town”, etc.)

Updates on the conversion will be distributed via e-mail and updated on the existing ITS web site supporting the voicemail system at

A dedicated help desk is being planned to assist faculty and staff with any issues or questions during the conversion period.