New tuition payment policy introduced

Students who miss the university’s tuition and fee payment deadlines but who still plan to attend the university will no longer have their classes canceled or incur late payment fees, thanks to a new tuition and fee payment policy that kicks off this fall.

The new policy will automatically place enrolled students who have not paid their tuition by the payment deadlines onto the university’s tuition payment plan, leaving their class schedules intact. The payment plan spreads interest-free tuition payments over the course of the term, and adds a $50 service fee to the total balance due for each term it is used.

The new policy applies only to those who have a tuition and fee balance of more than $500 at the published payment deadline, which for the fall term is Aug. 11.

Enrolled students who do not plan on attending NAU should withdraw from the university to avoid being automatically placed on the payment plan, making their classes available to other students.

Those who receive financial aid will have until Aug. 18 to pay tuition balances not covered by financial aid. Among these students, only those with balances greater than $500 after Aug. 18 will be placed on the tuition payment plan.

Students who enroll after Aug. 11—or Aug. 18 for financial aid students—and who do not pay on the same day they enroll will automatically be placed on the tuition payment plan.

The policy does not apply to international students.

Because enrolled students will no longer have their classes canceled for late tuition payment, it is unlikely that class rosters will diminish after the initial fee delete deadline, as was typical in the past. Faculty should contact their department chairs for questions or assistance with class management.

A series of letters and e-mails has been sent to all students informing them about the new tuition and fee payment policy. Information has also been posted to LOUIE Online and through MyNAU.

Questions can be directed to the Registrar’s Office at (928) 523-5490.