New regulation impacts all employees who drive for NAU business

A state regulation requires all employees who drive on university business to pass an online defensive driving course and submit their driver’s license number for periodic records review.

The law affects all faculty, staff and students who drive any university-owned motorized vehicles or who drive their own personal or rented vehicles for university business and are reimbursed.

The new regulations change the current Fleet Safety Program by creating conditions for “authorized driver” under state law. The full policy may be reviewed online.

All authorized drivers will be required to have a review of their driver’s record, which will be conducted at least annually. The review will cover the most recent 39-month period. They also will be required to complete a 90-minute online defensive driving course.

To become an authorized driver, register by using the “self service” module in PeopleSoft. Individuals who may not have an Arizona driver’s license should contact their immediate supervisor so they can request other state licensing records by accessing and filling out the non-Arizona driver’s license request form.

Both the online course and the license number registration should be completed before the next time individuals operate a vehicle. All employees should have completed both requirements by Nov. 1. If the steps are not completed, the driver is not eligible to operate or check out an NAU vehicle, or be reimbursed for university travel expenses.

Questions may be directed to Robert Chavez, director of Operations, at (928) 523-6434 or Click here to see frequently asked questions.