New performance appraisal system begins in June

A new performance appraisal system for classified staff and service professionals will be implemented in June and July.

The new system is outcomes based, goal oriented, and allows opportunities to discuss expectations of workplace behavior that lead to successful performance.

Multiple training sessions have been scheduled to help everyone better understand and be prepared for the new appraisal system. Since both employees and supervisors need to be involved in setting goals and assessing performance, both are encouraged to attend.

  • New performance appraisal training: Will provide an overview of the new form, outline the new process timelines for self-appraisals and final appraisals and provide tips and tools for making the performance appraisal efficient for both supervisors and employees.
  • Goal setting: Will provide specific information about different types of goals, how to clearly define a goal, establishing measurable outcomes and determining milestones or checkpoints throughout the rating period.

Register for these sessions or request a distance site session on the Human Resources Training Opportunities page.

Information about the form, timelines, transition plans and resources for supervisors and employees is online.