New design, new name for ‘Inside NAU’: Welcome ‘NAU News’

New site

New siteAs part of the effort to further enhance the university’s web presence, Inside NAU this week simultaneously rolled out its revamped website and announced its new name—NAU News.

The new name better reflects the authenticity of the site’s content, said Tom Bauer, director of Public Affairs, the department that manages the site.

“We wanted to give readers more of a ‘newsroom’ experience, which comes with the assurance that this is where to go for timely, accurate and official university news and information,” Bauer said.

The fresh design features a more consistent user experience with a look that mirrors the university’s home page web brand, which recently was named among the top 10 best designed college websites for its “unique” and “refreshing” layout.

The changes go beyond the aesthetics. Readers will find a more engaging experience, including the ability to post feedback and comments. Content also is segmented into various categories, making it easier to find. And there is now space devoted to blogs for NAU President John Haeger, Provost Laura Huenneke and other thought leaders and guest bloggers on campus.

Still, many of the popular aspects of the old Inside NAU have been maintained, such as the weekly “Spotlights” that feature the accomplishments of faculty, staff and students, and a searchable archive that puts information right at your fingertips.

The new site launched with about eight months worth of content in the archives, but that will grow as the department continues to backload articles over the next several weeks so that eventually about three years of content is available.

“More than ever NAU is a news engine for the community and the entire region,” Bauer said. “Our new design and functionality will help elevate the NAU brand and engage more readers, ultimately raising the awareness of the university’s mission and our collective successes.”

We hope you’ll take a look around and let us know what you think. And as is often the case with new endeavors, there may be some glitches along the way. Report any site issues or problems to