New degree combines advertising, merchandising and PR

An analysis based on feedback from industry professionals and an inventory of programs at other universities has led to a new degree in NAU’s School of Communication that blends three existing programs into a new bachelor’s degree in strategic communication.

The program was implemented this semester, offering a modern interpretation on the rapidly evolving communication industry. It combines advertising, merchandising and public relations majors into one major with a common core of communication-related classes and three areas of emphasis.

“Strategic communication students will be even better prepared for careers in multiple fields of communication,” said Jerry Thull, a lecturer in the school. “Graduates will be more versatile while also having the specialized skill set employers expect.”

Thull said students will learn to craft effective advertising, nurture productive relationships between organizations and stakeholders, and bridge the gap between buyers and sellers in the field of merchandising.

“They also will develop a critical understanding of the relationship their individual areas of emphasis share in today’s more complex media environment,” he said.

Students in the program are expected to develop competencies in written and oral communication, technical and business writing and presentations, critical thinking and research methods, media relations and planning, and the fundamentals of online engagement and design.

For information, visit the School of Communication website or call (928) 523-2232.