New appraisals: What happens next?

A new performance appraisal system for classified staff and service professionals is being implemented in June and July. Here are the next steps in making the transition from the old to the new system.

During May and June, two key tasks need to be completed:

  • Transfer job functions and standards from the old appraisal form to the new form.Supervisors and employees should discuss and confirm that all job functions are still applicable.


  • Establish goals for the appraisal period from now though June 2008. Goals should be clearly outlined on the new appraisal form. Some goals may continue from the last appraisal and some may be new based on departmental goals now established. All should be written with specific, measurable outcomes.

Information about the form, timelines, transition plans, resources for supervisors and employees, and training is online, along with the following recently added items:

  • a sample completed appraisal
  • examples of written job functions and standards
  • additional training sessions

If you have specific questions about your own appraisal or appraisals you’ll be writing, please contact your HR Analyst or HR Consultant.