Navigating the new pedways on campus

New pedway design featuring a dark gray concrete bike lane running between two lighter gray pedestrian pathways.

With the new school year underway, some of the ongoing improvements around campus are being completed and receiving their final touches.

In addition to the new north campus pedway, which is scheduled to be completed Oct. 10, the south campus pedway—near Gabaldon and what will be SkyView at NAU—introduces a modern design element for bike and pedestrian traffic, pictured right. The new pedway features a dark gray bike lane running between two lighter gray pedestrian pathways. The new system also has two tactile strips that will alert pedestrians that they are crossing into a different lane.

Because the freshly poured concrete of the south campus pedway requires at least 28 days to cure before it can be sealed and then painted, the striping will be done mid-October. In the meantime, here’s how to navigate them.

  • Pedestrians on foot should use the outer lighter gray sidewalks of the pedway without impeding the darker bike lane in the middle.
  • Bikers should ride in the middle on the darker concrete, riding as far right within the lane as possible.
  • Be alert and aware of other pedway users around you; keep eyes ahead and off distracting electronic devices.
  • Look and signal before entering or exiting the pedway.

For more information on biking safety, refer to NAU’s Biking on Campus page.

NAU Communications