NAU’s academic reputation lures incoming freshmen

NAU continues to catch the attention of students with similar backgrounds, expectations, experiences and beliefs year after year, but incoming freshmen have higher learning expectations and are more attracted to the university’s academic reputation.

The findings were reported in a Cooperative Institutional Research Program survey of new incoming freshmen in the summer of 2007.

“The data revealed a few potential trends,” said Eva Hatchner, a planning and policy analyst at NAU. “The 2007 incoming freshmen had higher academic aspirations. There is a shift toward students’ intention to earn higher than baccalaureate degrees.”

Hatchner added that NAU appears to be gaining in reputation.

A greater percentage of the 2007 incoming freshmen indicated that an important reason influencing their decision to attend NAU is that the graduates gain admission to top graduate and professional schools.

A full copy of the survey is online.