NAU-Yavapai now accepting students for visionary bachelor’s degree programs

NAU Prescott

Students entering college this fall will be able to opt for one of the most affordable options for obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Arizona by enrolling at NAU-Yavapai in Prescott Valley.

NAU-Yavapai is offering a quality and accelerated path to earning an accredited bachelor’s degree in as little as three years, with tuition at about 35 percent less than traditional university programs.

Touted as a “model project” by state political leaders, NAU-Yavapai’s accelerated course schedules are designed to increase employability and earning power.

“This is visionary,” Gov. Jan Brewer said of the innovative NAU-Yavapai partnership created last year between Yavapai College and NAU. “It sets an example for the entire state and the nation.”

Students at NAU-Yavapai can combine classroom and online learning in five- or 10-week formats and will have the flexibility to enroll at least eight times throughout the year, launching them quickly into their degree path.

Programs offered at NAU-Yavapai


Gaining expertise in new venture creation, growth, strategy and fluency in new media marketing are just a few skills that prepare students for launching their own businesses
or growing established brands.

Service Industry Management

Understanding customer behavior, satisfaction and loyalty, combined with the knowledge of implementing effective technology makes graduates highly competitive for leadership
roles in a service-based economy.

Community Development & Sustainability

Leading regional planning efforts, managing non-profit organizations, or greening up businesses, are career options for students who understand the dynamics of community and environment and the economics of sustainability.

“This program is focused on what is best for students and allows them to progress as rapidly as possible to a bachelor’s degree,” said John Haeger, NAU president. “What you see here is the future of higher education in Arizona.”

The hybrid degree programming at NAU-Yavapai offers course rigor with the flexibility of online course components and the opportunity for students to connect with on-site faculty in a classroom setting.

“Our degree plans focus on problem solving, communications, project management and other critical workplace skills,” said Susan Johnstad, assistant vice president and campus executive officer for NAU-Yavapai. “Our programs are open to both traditional and non-traditional students, but we currently are recruiting students who will begin at the freshman level.”

Faculty from the university and Yavapai College are jointly designing curricula for the 21st century with degrees in Community Development and Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Service Industry Management.

Students enrolling at NAU-Yavapai have access to an e-mail account, online resources and Cline Library privileges.

“This is a very cost effective option for students and the State of Arizona, said Yavapai College President Jim Horton.

The broader partnership between Yavapai College and NAU serves students with varied goals and interests. Students can choose transfer plans, online degrees and graduate programs up to the master’s degree level.

For information, go to or call (928) 771-6144. The NAU-Yavapai office is open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., adjacent to the Prescott Valley Public Library at 7351 E. Civic Circle in Prescott Valley.