NAU supports transfer students

Shannon Erickson and transfer student

      By Shannon Erickson,
Speech Sciences and Technology student

As I prepare for graduation in May, I’m reflecting back to when I arrived from Prescott as a transfer student and the ways NAU has improved the transfer experience.

The Transfer and Commuter Connections program was started since I came to campus with the goal of supporting students, many whom had earned an associates degree at a community college.

I became a mentor in the Transfer and Commuter Connections program so I could share my experiences with people transferring to NAU. It’s been really rewarding because I love helping other people and making a difference in their lives.

It’s exciting to see how many transfer students participate in the variety of services that the department provides, especially with the number of participants growing each semester.

Along with finishing up my bachelor’s degree, I also am working as an NAU transfer admissions officer. This new job is perfect because I talk to new and potential students and I can help them early on. I especially love spreading my passion and love for NAU while making new connections.

And because I think like a transfer student, I’ve been able to offer suggestions to NAU for bringing in more community college students. I suggested communicating with advisers in the honor society Phi Theta Kappa, an excellent fit for NAU. I am also president for Tau Sigma, the National Honor Society focused on transfer students, and I plan to be involved next year as an advisor.

I believe transfer students are an important part of the university because they bring in a diverse population with a broad range of life experiences. With this expansive set of students, most all of them come to NAU with the drive to accomplish their goals and a will to succeed. I love to see that NAU is providing focus on transfer students both in recruitment and retention and think it will have a positive effect on NAU overall.