NAU selects new antivirus software

Sophos antivirus software has been selected to protect NAU computers for the next five years.

The new software also adds anti-spyware protection and runs on Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux platforms. It has small update file sizes, making home updates over dial-up modems faster, though a CD will be available for a nominal fee.

The new software is expected to be available to NAU users in mid-June. During the week of June 12 to 19, ITS anticipates having a software download page with a tool that removes McAfee and installs Sophos.

The site license covers students, faculty and staff at work and on their personal computers. On-campus users will not notice the change and automatic updates will continue as has been done for the past few years. Home use will remain through the ITS Software Download web page.

Effective June 30, NAU enterprise versions of McAfee software will no longer be authorized for updates. If you have purchased McAfee separately from the NAU license, you will not be affected. However, NAU Sophos will be free, including updates.

ITS recommends that you remove McAfee prior to switching to Sophos on home computers because antivirus programs typically do not interact well.

For information contact Ricky Roberts at (928) 523-6950 or e-mail