NAU RAPIDLab creates 3D printed model of Discovery Channel Telescope

3D model of the telescope

NAU RAPIDLab has produced a scale model of the Discovery Channel Telescope for Lowell Observatory using 3D printing technology.

The model signifies the collaborative work between the observatory and the Discovery Telescope Channel researchers, said John Tester, director of NAU RAPIDLab.

In December, NAU became a formal partner in the Discovery Channel Telescope, the fifth largest telescope in the continental United States.

The process of scaling the model, modifying it for 3D printing, printing and assembling the parts took three and a half months to complete. The model was designed with Solid Works, a 3D modeling system, and printed on an FDM 3D printer out of ABS plastic.

The model is currently on display at the Rotunda Museum at Lowell Observatory.