NAU ranks as a top university for Latinos

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Northern Arizona University ranks among the nation’s top institutions for Latinos, according to the Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education magazine.

In its May 8 edition, Hispanic Outlook lists the top 100 colleges and universities that grant the largest number of degrees to Latino students. NAU is ranked 15th in the nation for graduating Latinos with master’s degrees and 68th for undergraduates.

The magazine further analyzes degrees awarded to Latinos by academic program, and NAU is ranked ninth in the nation for bachelor’s degrees in education.

“These rankings reflect Northern Arizona University’s ongoing commitment to the Latino community,” NAU President John Haeger said. “We continue to make important strides in serving a diverse population—from recruitment to retention to graduation.”

The rankings were derived from 2004-05 data gathered by the National Center for Education Statistics, which points to a continuing upward surge of Latinos earning their college degrees.

Hispanic Outlook reported its current Top 100 colleges and universities granted 54,972 bachelor’s degrees to Latinos, which is nearly double the 27,313 degrees awarded by the magazine’s Top 100 institutions 10 years earlier.

That explosive growth is also found in the number of master’s degrees awarded to Latinos nationwide. The magazine’s current Top 100 granted more than 17,000 master’s degrees to Latinos. Ten years earlier, the magazine’s Top 100 granted 6,378.

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