NAU ranked top in American Indian education graduates

Northern Arizona University ranks first in the nation in producing American Indian education master’s degrees, according to Diverse Issues in Higher Education magazine.

The ranking confirmed NAU’s goal to be a leading college of education serving Native Americans, according to Daniel Kain, dean of NAU’s College of Education.

“NAU works diligently to create programs with ready access for Native students,” Kain said. “We have created cohorts on campus and in various areas of the state to enable students to learn in the most supportive environment, and our faculty members are committed to including culturally-sensitive content in courses.”

Kain said NAU also continues to support partnerships with schools and communities to expand learning opportunities.

The July 13 issue of Diverse magazine Top 100 Graduate Degree Producers edition is one of a two-part series. The Top 100 Undergraduate Degree producers special report published in June cited NAU as ranking fifth in the national for graduating Native Americans with bachelor’s degrees.