NAU offers distance learning blueprint for Indonesia

Educating a police force scattered across the thousands of islands comprising Indonesia is no small task. To learn how to do it right, the Indonesian National Police are seeking guidance from NAU’s Extended Campuses.

Accompanied by interpreters and Ed Routh, deputy director for Indonesia at the U.S. Department of Justice, 11 members of the Indonesian National Police training division visited NAU on Nov. 13 and 14 to meet with Extended Campuses leadership and discuss how best to launch a distance learning initiative.

“NAU is a great example of how to provide consistent, timely and secure distance learning,” Routh said. “Our goal was for the police to gain insights for the development and operation of a distance training program.”

NAU-Extended Campuses leadership discussed designing, administering and managing a system to deliver online education. Course content development and curricular design also were addressed.

The group met with Karen Pedersen, associate vice president, Marc Lord, technology director, and Don Carter, director of the university’s e-Learning Center.

The Department of Justice collaborates with the Indonesian National Police on several organizational development projects, including national training reform.