NAU news now available as RSS feed

Staying informed of news and happenings at NAU just got easier.

NAU news releases are now provided as an RSS feed so Internet users can subscribe to NAU news as it is released, feeding it directly to their computers and eliminating the need to go searching for it.

RSS, or “real simple syndication,” is Internet jargon to describe an automated web feed that retrieves syndicated web content for subscribers. It’s a feature gaining popularity among journalists and other news seekers because it provides them with only the specific news content they have requested, saving time and cutting through spam and advertising.

Jeff Dillon, senior web applications analyst in NAU marketing, said because RSS feeds are easy and automated, more Internet users, journalists and news consumers view it as a time-saving tool to gather targeted news and information.

“This ‘pulls’ content to the subscriber, as opposed to ‘pushing’ it through e-mail, faxes, or the like,” Dillon said. “It’s like TiVo for the web.”

For information or to subscribe to NAU’s RSS feed, visit

NAU users can login to to read the NAU news without having to install an RSS reader.