NAU makes significant change to passenger van training

NAU is implementing a significant change to its training program for drivers of passenger vehicles for eight or more individuals. The change is required to remain in compliance with Arizona Department of Administration requirements.

Individuals who attend a passenger van training course must complete classroom instruction and a behind-the-wheel training test.

The new requirement begins June 1 and affects anyone who previously attended NAU’s passenger van training from October 2004 to Feb. 7, 2007. If you participated in NAU’s passenger van class between these dates, you are required to participate in behind-the-wheel training only.

The training is conducted on a closed course and consists of several turns and backing maneuvers. Specific course details will be provided upon participation. The behind-the-wheel portion of the passenger van training and the classroom training must be scheduled separately.

Any driver who fails the behind-the-wheel portion of the training program will not be certified or allowed to operate a passenger van. Each driver who fails the behind-the-wheel training will be allowed to re-test at a later date.

“This mandatory training requirement is intended to increase our safe operation of vehicles,” said Mark Flynn, executive director of Capital Assets and Services. “These larger vehicles handle differently than a traditional passenger vehicle, and this training will assist drivers in understanding and becoming comfortable with these vehicles. We encourage all staff and faculty members who utilize the vans to register for the class as soon as feasible so that we can complete the training for this very large group.”

If you have any questions, contact Chris JohnsonChuck Hirshouer or Don Dufek at (928) 523-6439.