NAU guarantees degree in four years

graduate in 4

NAU recently made a commitment to guarantee its freshman students a “Finish in Four” graduation plan.

Beginning this fall, NAU promises to provide students the advisement help and courses necessary to finish obtaining their degree within four years.

“With the Finish in Four program the university has created a clear pathway and a set of comprehensive supports for students to achieve their goals,” saidKaren Pugliesi, vice provost for Undergraduate Studies. “The program will help students develop a plan for their education and stay on track to attainment of their degree.”

Undergraduates currently average 4.5 years to get their diploma.

The new plan has some conditions, including the student cannot fail several courses or change majors midway through college. A few majors, such as engineering, are excluded due to the need to take pre-college math courses that can extend graduation beyond four years.

Students interested in the plan will have to sign a contract agreeing to complete at least 30 credits a year and meet with an adviser at least once a semester. Advisors will help students plan the courses they need over eight semesters.

In the rare case that a course is not available, NAU would pay for the additional term needed to finish the degree.

Information is available online.