NAU announces new process for becoming an Authorized Driver

Northern Arizona University has a new process for becoming an authorized driver. As of July 6, applications to become an NAU authorized driver will be submitted through a new OnBase form. 

Any person who drives for NAU business, including students, is required by state law to register and meet driver eligibility requirements, after which they become an NAU authorized driver. This requirement applies to the operation of NAU vehicles, personal vehicles (if used for university business), rental vehicles, golf carts or any other means of motorized transportation. 

For those with NAU credentials, submit your Authorized Driver Requests online.  

For non-NAU Credentialed individuals, register online and complete the training. 

 To comply with new authorized driver procedures, an update to the Vehicle Request Form has been made. Please submit all vehicle requests online. Additionally, please update your computer bookmarks to ensure continued easy access in the future. This change includes updates to NAU procedure documents, websites and links, so old bookmarks and URLs may no longer function.  

The new systems will make it easy for supervisors and approvers to access driver authorization information and ensure that all vehicle rentals are in compliance with university policy. 

For more information, read the Authorized Driver FAQs or contact