NAU Advancement brimming with support from faculty and staff

Employee giving campaign logo

NAU Advancement experienced an outpouring of generosity last year through the annual employee giving campaign with donations totaling $269,700.

Twenty-six percent of NAU’s employees joined in the Ounce 4 Ounce giving campaign, a 5 percent increase from the previous year. Participation on campus percolated through departments as more than 50 volunteer team leaders encouraged co-workers to give. Departments around campus offered additional incentives, and several, including Gateway Student Success Center, had 100 percent participation.

“We asked faculty and staff to provide vital funds for important programs and departments on campus, and they pitched in,” said Stephen Riggs, director of the NAU Fund. “NAU employees believe in the university’s mission, and their investment of time and money speaks volumes to our alumni, donors and students.”

For this year’s spring campaign, contributing employees were offered incentives through Advancement’s partnership with Sodexo, Starbucks and the NAU Bookstore. Faculty and staff were eligible to receive a travel mug and coupon for a free beverage from Sodexo or coffee from Starbucks in addition to a 25-cent discount each time the mug was used on campus. The NAU Bookstore offered discount coupons to participants.

To learn more about the Ounce 4 Ounce campaign, click here.