NAU hosts representatives of Arizona’s Native nation, First Nations from Canada for executive training

Tribal Leadership Initiative executive education session

More than 60 directors and managers representing Native nations in Arizona and First Nations in Canada participated in NAU’s most recent Tribal Leadership Initiative (TLI) executive education session April 16-18.

Work session topics included interactive lectures and case studies on “Indigenous Nation-Building Renaissance: Keys to Success,” “What Really Works: Achieving Sustained Business Success,” “Effective Negotiations: Dispute Resolution Strategies” and “Making Tribal Programs Work” for strategic thinking, problem-solving and decision-making.

“Tribal directors and managers play an integral role – each and every day – in strengthening Native nations and communities. The TLI session provided additional tools for them to use in the nation-building process, tools that contribute to an ever-expanding circle of sovereignty and self-determination in Indian Country,” said Chad Hamill, vice president for the Office of Native American Initiatives.

NAU established the TLI 2014 in response to indigenous leaders’ requests for a leadership institute to help strengthen Indigenous leadership now and in the future. The TLI is a multi-component program dedicated to expanding the capacities of Indigenous communities. It aims to strengthen political, economic and educational structures during a time of unprecedented self-determination across Native nations and to develop and support leaders.

The next executive education session is scheduled for July and will be geared specifically toward Native chief executives, chairmen, presidents, chiefs and council members. Native nations may request separate seminars by contacting Manley A. Begay Jr.  at For more information on TLI executive education sessions, visit the Office of Native American Initiatives website.