Process for obtaining military tuition aid improves with NAU’s new enterprise tool

Nov. 5, 2019

Thanks to the recent development of an enterprise tool, getting tuition aid that benefits eligible NAU students in the military just got a whole lot easier.

The Department of Defense Tuition Assistance (DODTA), a student-centered solution created for the Northern Arizona University Veteran and Military Services Department, has provided tuition aid for NAU students in the military for years.

Now, the process military students go through to apply for DODTA has been made easier by implementing the enterprise tool, OnBase. The paper process has been converted into an automated solution that utilizes an electronic form and workflow. This allows the department to run more efficiently and with a pace capable of meeting students’ needs faster.

In addition to making it easier on the students to apply, the system strengthens reporting efforts by the use of reporting dashboards, allowing employees to view real-time reports and graphs associated with the DODTA process.

“Many of these students are taking classes online while serving in the military halfway across the globe, so the real-time feedback is hugely helpful,” said Laurie Jordon, assistant director of Veteran and Military Services, part of the Veteran and Military Success Center.

The automated process, created by student employee Noah Falzarano from the ITS Business Process and Service Management (BPSM) team, and Enrollment Management business analyst Jordan Jones, not only improves the student experience but also allows the Veteran and Military Services to provide better customer service.

“This will be very beneficial for tuition assistance reporting purposes,” Jordon said. “Less paperwork means fewer errors and better customer service.”