Mental Health Corner: QPR Suicide Prevention Training 

NAU offers a suicide prevention training called QPR that is available to all members of the NAU community.   

QPR stands for Question Persuade Refer and helps learners connect someone in crisis with the appropriate resources while also engaging them in a supportive conversation. 

Counseling Services, Employee Assistance and Wellness and Health Promotion have teamed up to bring this evidence-based suicide prevention training to campus. Any student, staff or faculty member is welcome to complete the brief online training which will assist learners in identifying, supporting and referring those contemplating suicide to the appropriate professional resources. 

We realize that campus community members are concerned about the mental health of those around them, and we want to ensure that folks feel empowered to assist someone in crisis. While this training will not make you a counselor, it will help you feel more comfortable talking with someone about a difficult topic, helping to ensure they get the professional help they need. 

Suicide prevention and mental health promotion takes engagement from all of us to be effective.  Thank you for helping us create a community of care at NAU! 

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