Men’s basketball reaches worldwide fan base

The NAU Television Services broadcasts of the Lumberjack men’s basketball games have been seen across the globe this season from coast to coast and as far away as Canada and Nigeria.

NAU TV Services provides its feed from its Universityhouse station (Dish Network 9411) to Fox College Sports, a digital cable channel seen across the country, as well as FSN Arizona, a Phoenix regional cable network that is available on satellite systems across the world. It also is transmitted to Big Sky Television, a live streaming site for the Big Sky Conference with international internet reach.

Broadcaster Mitch Strohman has developed his own census of his audience by the reading of e-mails live during the broadcasts received to an account setup for the Lumberjack Radio Network, showing the broad reach of the telecasts. He also reads e-mails on the radio-only broadcasts from road contests.

During two recent broadcasts, Strohman received 117 emails from states across the nation: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Maryland, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Texas and Washington. He also heard from people in Canada and Nigeria.

“The response from our audience has been amazing,” Strohman said. “People all over the world, be they Lumberjack fans, fans of the team we’re playing or just fans of college sports, really seem to enjoy having direct, real-time interaction with me. It’s really exciting to use our athletic broadcasts to expand the world-wide exposure of NAU.”

The Northern Arizona University men’s basketball team was on television 11 times this season