MBA program ranks high in ‘Entrepreneur’ magazine

Princeton review

Northern Arizona University’s W.A. Franke College of Business is among 15 graduate schools nationwide that students rated most highly for its marketing preparation, according to the April edition of Entrepreneur magazine.

The ranking is the result of the Princeton Review’s annual Student Opinion Honors for Business Schools report, in which students were asked to rate their MBA programs in six areas considered key to a successful career in business: accounting, finance, general management, global management, marketing and operations.

NAU is listed among 15 business schools receiving the highest evaluations from their students for their career preparation in marketing, putting it alongside programs at Harvard, Duke and Northwestern, among others.

“One of our primary goals is to provide our students with the knowledge and skills for success in the workplace,” said Jane Thompson, director of NAU’s MBA Program. “We are honored to receive recognition from our students that we are achieving our goal along with the national focus this brings to our program.”

The business schools appear in alphabetical order on the lists and are not ranked one to 15.

The Princeton Review compiled the lists using data from its national survey of 19,000 MBA students attending 301 business schools profiled in its book, Best 301 Business Schools: 2010 Edition. The 80-question survey asked students to report on classroom and campus experiences at their schools and rate their MBA programs in several areas. The Princeton Review tallied the Student Opinion Honors lists based on students’ assessments of how well they felt their business school courses had prepared them in each of the six areas.

In addition to appearing in Entrepreneur’s April edition, the lists are also posted online at the magazine’s web site and at Princeton Review. More than 59 schools are recognized in all.