Making a difference

4 volunteers

Alicia Howard, benefits adviser for Human Resources, never hesitates when it comes to helping others. As a volunteer for her church, she does a variety of activities and encourages others to get involved.

“I like helping in any way that I can because in my past I went through some hard times where people selflessly helped my family and me,” Howard said. “It’s really fulfilling when you give yourself selflessly to help those in need and not expect anything in return.”

Howard pays it forward by getting involved in different ministries at her church, San Francisco de Asis. She does many different activities such as food preparation, setting up decorations inside the church and cleaning up after the service. She got involved with her church because many of the volunteer projects have a direct impact on the community.

Howard believes everyone has a special talent or gift, and she inspires her daughters to volunteer and make a difference.

“I truly believe that these gifts are not for us to keep but to share,” Howard said. “In sharing we receive more than the original gift. My daughters understand how important it is to help others and share your gifts.”

Howard says putting other people first and volunteering helps her feel “fulfilled and happy,” and she continues to help in the community in any way she can.