Lumberjack Flashback: October

By Matt Tantau, associate vice president for Economic Mobility and Social Impact and NAU alumnus Class of 2003 and 2005

1948 – 75 years ago

NAU hosts the golden jubilee Homecoming
On Oct. 23, students returned to campus to celebrate NAU Homecoming.

A new washing machine?
It was decided to buy a washing machine for all men students at the A.M.S. assembly held in Ashurst Auditorium. A committee was appointed by Lee Williams, president, to investigate different machines and report back.

1973 – 50 years ago

Building dedication ends south campus construction
An open house was held and three buildings were dedicated on NAU’s South Campus. The College of Business Administration, College of Engineering and Technology and the Activity Center will complete the new South Campus construction projects.

New Chicano group forms, largest in Arizona
The MECHA or Movimeiento Estudianti Chicano de Azlan or Chicano Student Movement of the Southwest was formed this year. With 65-70 members at the time, it was named the largest club in Arizona.

Milton and University intersection gets a light!
After increased traffic, the university submitted a proposal to the city safety commission for the installation of a traffic signal.

1998 – 25 years ago

NAU awarded $1.2 million biology grant
The NAU Biology department was awarded $1.2 million by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Directed by professor Paul Keim, of the Biology Department, the grant will fund undergraduate work-study research position, improving undergraduate research opportunity and science outreach programs.

New American Indian studies gets a major!
A new undergraduate major in American Indian Students gives students a knowledge of tribal issues and Indian Affairs. A faculty team headed by Joseph Martin from the Center for Excellence in Education is working on a proposal for the program that will be submitted to the University Curriculum Committee which will include courses in economic development, environmental management, policy research and planning and education.

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