Costumes, puppies, distance, loss, Fortnite, Disney: Read love stories in six words

Hearts hanging on a bullet board with spaces for six words

Og akkurat sånn reddet du meg.
Zac Gerber, Salesforce application programmer, ITS, Class of 2014 alum

Our lips intertwined, our souls misaligned.
Lesley Hanson, sociology major from Cave Creek

Opposite sides of the same coin.
Cecilia Torres, academic program coordinator, Veteran and Military Services

Cecilia Torres and her partner sitting in front of a fire

Love that grows strong, not old.
Brian Grayum, academic advising

April Peck and her partner overlooking the oceanTwo very different lives, one love.
April Peck, business analyst, Human Resources Class of 2017 alum





Long distance couldn’t keep us apart.
Crystal Graziano, manager, business intelligence & operations, Office of the Provost, Class of 2011

Black and white image of a heart balloon


In another life, I’d be yours.
Darvin Descheny, social media coordinator



Switch on for a lovely Fortnite.
Kaylin McLiverty, mathematics major from Fruitland, New Mexico

More than friendly feelings for you!
Jessie K. Finch, chair of the Department of Sociology + Neal Galloway, assistant director of the School of Art 

Jessie K. Finch and Neal Galloway




Three dogs, two people, one love.
Theresa Carlson, librarian

We should see other people—at kung fu. (Not six words but too good not to share!) Editor’s note: McKenzie! I said exactly six words!
McKenzie McLoughlin, client services manager, University Marketing, Class of 2017 

Conner Cassens and McKenzie McLoughlin in NAU gear





The greatest of these is LOVE.
Elaine Wilson, program manager, ITEP

Climb on into the van, ma’am.
Jamie Bellian, graduate assistant, master’s in education/special education student from Pinedale, Wyoming 

Jamie Bellian and her partner in the woods







Met in library: romance, mystery, marriage!
Jack Burden, scheduler

Cynthia and Zac GerberTall rosy cheeked genius. Yes, please!
Cynthia Gerber, communications coordinator, NAU Communications and Class of 2014 alum


Started as SQL buddies, still joined.
Lynn Burch, manager, applications programming, ITS

Costumes. Camping. Countries. Keep em’ coming!
Carly Banks, communications manager, NAU Communications and Class of 2010 alum 

Matt and Carly Banks camping, at the Renaissance Faire, in Thailand





A lot happens in 27 years.
Megan Gavin, dean of students, Class of 2004 and 2009 alum

Megan and Art Gavin at ski lodge






You know who Will Clark is?
Maria Decabooter, assistant director, NAU Social Media 

Maria and David Decabooter





High school sweethearts—real love & friendship.
Dulce J. Jiménez, research coordinator, CHER, Class of 2019 alum

Dulce Jimenez and partner at night








We met on a Disney movie.
Daniella Murphy, manager, University Marketing

Daniella Murphy and her husband on their wedding day





Lolling tongue, fluffy tail, devoted friend ❤
Kathy Weinzinger, executive assistant, Center for International Education 

A cute little fluffy white dog

NAU Communications