Let’s keep moving forward together

John Haeger

Nearly 12 years ago, I accepted the role of president of Northern Arizona University with optimism, confidence and a commitment to your success. Today, I begin preparing for my departure with those same themes at the forefront.

Because the success of NAU means so much to me, I think it is important to begin the search for your next president given it is a long and competitive process. You will soon hear that the Arizona Board of Regents is establishing the guidelines for that search process, which is expected to begin in early 2014.

You can be assured that I will continue NAU’s drive to lead higher education into a new and exciting era. This is no time to pause or become complacent. We will push innovation, embrace technology and continue the transformation of NAU into the university that it must become to serve tomorrow’s students effectively.

More information about my plans and the presidential search will emerge as the weeks and months pass. I thank you for your hard work and support while the process unfolds, and I look forward to each new day along the way.