Information Technology Services offers service developments, improves vehicle rental requests

Electronic solutions are becoming the answer to better equip departmental workflows at Northern Arizona University. The NAU Information Technology Services is offering an express development service to implement fully electronic solutions to create efficient workflows. One such solution has already improved vehicle rental requests at NAU Fleet Services.

Express development services offer expedited workflow improvements

The express development services offered by ITS help departments implement start-to-finish electronic solutions in less than five business days. Services provide an easy-to-use electronic form that auto fills, performs calculations and triggers workflows. The workflow process includes approvals, notifications and routing information along with a dashboard to track and view forms in the workflow.

Additional information and requests for the expedited service can be found in the OnBase Express Development Request form. ITS will review the request and decide if it qualifies for expedited services. For questions, email the ITS Business Process and Service Management (BPSM) team at

NAU ITS develops electronic solution to improve Fleet Services vehicle rental requests

Expertise from the ITS BPSM team has made renting vehicles from NAU Fleet Services easier for employees. The team created an electronic form and workflow that allows individuals to make vehicle rental requests in one place.

The new process expedites the submission and processing of fleet vehicle requests, reduces paper usage and allows NAU Fleet Services to run reports to determine peak request times and bottlenecks in the request process.

The solution was a two-phase project developed in OnBase, an enterprise tool used to automate manual processes. Nicolette Shirey, BPSM student developer; Jed Moss, BPSM OnBase developer; and Mark Niles, senior systems analyst with ITS Plan/Implement and Ed Services automated the process of fleet vehicle requests in Phase 1. In Phase 2, BPSM OnBase developer Wesley Walker added the ability for the form to display vehicle details such as cost, miles per gallon and number of seatbelts.

NAU Fleet Services receives, reviews and makes the vehicle reservations for individuals based on the information from the submitted forms. NAU employees are required to provide a date range the vehicle will be used and can request multiple vehicles at once. To make a vehicle request, find the form here. Questions about vehicle rentals should be directed to Fleet Services via email at or by calling (928) 523-2469.

The mission of ITS is to provide innovative technology applications that advance teaching, learning, discovery and performance. They seek to create new and improve existing technologies to better serve the Lumberjack community.